Simplicity is the way to success.

synkle is smart. synkle is fast. synkle is SIMPLE
Synkle is Smart

Ever wanted to copy all of your Xero files to Google Drive? Thought about how to do it and then given up?! Synkle is smart! It knows what files to copy, it knows if they have changed, it knows if they are new and it knows if you have deleted them. No need for you to worry. Synkle is smart!

Synkle is Fast

How fast is fast? Well, it’s as fast as the dark fibre backbone of the cloud, which is pretty fast! Synkle is fast. Sykle will connect directly into Xero and Google Drive and check what files need to be updated and then it will sort them out. Blink and you’ll miss it! Synkle is fast!

Synkle is Simple

In fact it’s so simple that once you have signed up all you have to do is nothing! Seriously! Synkle is simple. So simple that once you have set-up the service and paid your fees it just does it’s thing in the background. Born in the cloud, living in the cloud and never sleeping. Synkle is simple!

XERO Attachments

All Xero file attachments stored in your Xero file library are automatically synkronised within a folder in your Google Drive. Now that’s smart!

Peace of Mind

Your important Xero file attachments will be automatically copied to the secure Google Drive, outside of Xero to be used as a back-up or operational data store.

Quick and Easy

You will have quick and easy access to your files at any time, from anywhere and on any device via Google Drive. Very handy for when you need to access your Xero attachments in a hurry!

Google Drive

You can store any files that you may want to use with Xero in your Google Drive folder. Synkle will copy your files to the Xero file library. Simply log into Xero to attach them to a transaction!

Powerful Search

Use the powerful search features of Google Drive to quickly locate your important Xero file attachments. Open and review the files or share them with your colleagues straight out of Google Drive.

Fully Automated

Synkle does all the hard work so that you don’t have to! Once set-up Synkle will automatically synkronise your important files between Xero and Google drive. The synkronisation works in both directions. Smart, fast and simple!

Let’s Get Started

Getting up and running with synk:le is fast and simple! Just follow our getting started wizzard, enter a few basic details and you will be enjoying the benefits of Xero to Google Drive synkronisation faster that you can blink :)

1. Create an Account

Simply create a synk:le account by logging in with your Google account. Now that’s simple!

2. Enter your Xero Details

Enter your Xero API key and account details so that synk:le can find your Xero files.

3. Select a payment plan

Select your monthly or annual payment plan profile. There are lots of payment options to choose from here.

4. You're good to go!

Sit back and watch as synk:le does it’s 1st Xero to Google drive file synkronisation. Then it will check and synk your files every 15 minuets.

Express your interest!

Synk:le is still in development but it will be available soon.

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Our team will send you a notification ahead of the general release so that you can be one of the first to use this exciting new app!

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